Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bangalore Midnight Marathon

Bangalore Midnight Marathon :

This was quite a wacky idea to have a Marathon run in the night. Of course - Bangalore never sleeps n so as the Office goers. So they organized this event far from the madding crowd, in the core Software Park in Whitefield with good security and free ways to run.

3 Events :

IT run for 6.5 kms

21 km run at midnite

41 km run for all - i mean professionals.

Since i was doing jimming for all this while and burning calories on the tread mill,,i thought of runningthis one. Eventually - i had practised in the Police ground for the 21 km-- but was crazy to do this one.

You need guts, stamina and whole loads of preparation to do it. N you just cant do it on ur time,,you had to follow a time of theirs and will be awarded a cert.

So,, i decided to run the IT run - 6 kms. It doesnt seem to be much,,but much before the event - newspapers had given some articles,,foody ,,calorie -- all that gyan for the event.

Event : i was strict diet at least for 2 days so that i could pep up myself for the event. At the venue - was lucky to spot Mr.Butter aka - Bhatt saab with his cam. He was for the 21 km run.

I guess - some 1500 people ran the IT run. Before the flag off - some neta had come to inaugarate - thank god he was not in the marathon.

I was quite surprised the way they had organized it. Food stalls, free Water, Calore Biscuits and Paramedics.

The initial 3 kms was ok and had to dodge amongst aunties and uncles to get way by,,, loads of security to avoid any interruption. I could get the pain coming on my muscles after the 3rd km,,,had loads of people around me and the "Dholki Walas" to cheer the runners. At that moment - it reminded me - man this is challenging. Running a 6km or 21 km is not a joke. i felt my lungs coming out and stomach hurting bad. Water service is every where - but i did not take any -fearing of cramps. I squeezed another 2 kms more and the last lap was moment to remember,,,,every step reminded me - how much more to go,,,, i was in a pool of sweat,,,at far i could see the finish line and in few minutes - i felt like an accomplishment.

Timings : Finished the run in 35 mnts. with 3 stops on walk mode to get hold of my breath.

No water.

There is one more event coming in sept. Hope fully the big one - lets see if i make it this time.