Monday, September 17, 2007

Yelagiri Ride

Yelagiri Ride

The announce list wasn’t much this time in RTMC since most of them were busy on the anniversary ride to coorg.

Ride : we were to assemble at Shell Petrol bunk at 7:00 am sharp, but due to some pick ups –we reached at 7:30
Due to the incessant rain and Saturdays downpour, we thought that Sunday would be hell
Riding in the rains, but it wasn’t. We didn’t get any showers enroute but rather a gloomy dull weather con gusty winds interrupting our speed on return.

Our first stop was at the Customary Joint near the HP petrol bunk just after Hosur – near Leyland factory. After breakfast and some chit chat n Shakti’s Leh ride, Hiren had joined us to ride on.
The ride was pretty smooth since we did not face any mech. Issues. Most of us were in a group riding only Cup - who was still running his engine. We met Sampath at the Toll Free - who happened to be one of us Muthu's freind, and was with his wife riding to Yelagiri. Sampath joined us,, By 10ish,,we were at outskirts on Yelagiri. Arun made a few calls for the Mad Bulls guys to meet up,,,all turned up at the meeting point. We soon headed for the uphill to Yelagiri. 25 monsters driving uphill was cool with the "bud bud" at the backdrop. Some of zooming off but i still recall some RTMC who rammed into a brand new sumo,,so i was pretty slow at the bends,,"be gentle on my curves" - one of the famous signboards on the Leh route.

We headed straight for the resort for parking and to meet rest of the Mad Bulls. Started off with the Customary Intro round,,Bala-Mad Bulls joined us on his legend Trip and the "Altitude Overdose" stories. Most of the riders were newbees and heard about the "Wet Ride' they did to Kerala,,i liked the concept of riding in the rain,,,we should have one in RTMC,,,the intro round got boring after some time ,,it was killing,,and wanted to head straight for Biryanis.

Vaniyambadi : after the boring intro. rounds, we headed straight for Khaja's . We were zooming off for belting session. As always,,when we reached,,you could have the onlookers just stare at you as if were from Mars,,Its Khajas' day to earn big bucks..One thing i liked about the restaurant - the service,,yum,,,mutton biryani and bheja fry,,while i write this in the wee hours on tuesday,,i wish,,i wish,,to have some more. Ven its eating time,,no one talks,,the focus is on the food. Shakti ,me and Bhupi were on the 2nd serving,,,now i realize,,someone on return dozed off and hit the barriers,,,i wonder you get a similar taste in apna B.lore. Time for us to leave and mind you not to b.lore but for shopping. Mad Bulls-David escorted us to Ambur - for leather stuff. Prices were cheap but you had to be lucky to find your size and the right pair. You get the best brands - geoxx,timberland and Olivers,,but you gotta be lucky. By the time we realized,,it was almost 4:30,,,,bid adieu to Mad Bulls and headed back.

Return : A challenging task if you dont have ur lights. Mid way - my electricals sanpped off,,so i was riding in the dark,,thanks to Arun and Bhupi who were escorting me,,your eyes go for a toss when we dont have lights. Hiren too faced the same problem,,,we reached B.lore at good speed,,thanks to no traffic on return. In all,,it was a good ride.

Riders : Jispa,Shakti(Biscuit),Hiren,Arun(Dead Dog),Cup, Bhupinder & Susheel

Pillion : Shalini,Soma,Ram & Juhi.

"Caman the Enjaiment"