Monday, October 8, 2007

6A RTMC Anniversary - Coorg Riding

6A Anniversary-RTMC Coorg
Sunday, October 7, 2007

6A RTMC Anniversary - Before i start - all readers must know what is this

Its our Clubs 6th Anniversary where all Bikers come together n have fun. Also with us always are the Mad Bulls - from Chennai. When they celebrate - the RTMC joins.
RTMC - Rolling Thunder Motorcycling Club.

6A - Its one of the most awaited events we look for - loads of fun and meeting old bikers.
N riding to a new destination. This time - the venue looked pretty cool - coorg,,,,poor Chennai guys had to ride some 600 kms in a day - some did it one day,,wow.
I had already booked my dates and taken a 1 day leave,,,having Gandhi Jayanti in mid-it was a 4 day break from maddening crowd.
Riders - Rajiv aka Jispa, Lokesh - 2nd ride, Bhupinder -Jaali and Ronan ( Oracle)
Day 1 ( Blr. to Venue:Madikeri)
I couldnt sleep the entire night cause i was so excited to drive with the Machos and hearing the bud bud sound.
Woke up early - and gave all riders missed call for the ride. As always, Lokesh was dead asleep and i called some 20 calls to wake him up. Had i not jumped the entrance gate, Loks. would not have made it to the 6A. He was gasped for a moment and clue less as to how i managed to reach his room. Anyways, we were zooming off to Town Hall and Chetan accopanied us all way.
By Joe, it was worth a visit to Town Hall - the Bikers were ready to zoom off and create havoc on the highway,,Mad Bulls were also with us,,the total count of the Bikes were approx.85
Ronan, me and Bhupi were cruising at 90 and i did not have any clue were Loks. was....I couldnt keep up with the pace of mad bulls,,,thats why there are called Mad Bulls,,they drive at very good speed and you need ur engine/riding exp. to be tuned to keep up with them.
We stopped for Breakfast at Kamat - buffet was real cool - at Rs.60/ you could grab every piece of south delicacy you wasnt a brkfast for me - rather a brunch.
Without wasting time - we headed for Madikeri - guzzling on the highway is an exp. I could notice all four wheelers gaping to see the Bulls at high speed with the thud. echoing.
I found Nits. n gang as they were off to Masinagudi for the weekend. Stopped for Chai and headed off.
We regrouped at Srirangapatna for all riders to come by since there was a deviation here. Thanx to Butter for the guidance.
The last time i came to Madikeri - the roads were been done.Now, i saw the difference. Right from the turn to Madikeri - the roads were in shape. Few hamlets to be spotted enroute and a faboulous tarred to ride on.
From Chettahalli to Capitol Village - it was a mee Ghat section - i really had a ride. belting my engines out on the roads,,it was a smoothie ride meandering the ghats midst the wild beauty of Madikeri.
We were now at the venue - Capitol Village - Madikeri at 1:25 PM.
Bikers all lined up for the Big Bash - bikes from Delhi, Kerala, Karnataka, J&K,Tamil Nadu and AP.
Its amazing to see ven you have riders like Mamidi coming all the way fro HYD. and the Mad Bullls coming all the way from Chennai.
Pork during was lunch was cool and we checked in a Crystal Court - its 5 kms from the Venue,,dozed off a bit after lunch for the big bash.

6A Pardy
Arrived to the venue by 6. Huge gathering and could see loads of mineral water around. it wasnt water but booze ,,,even we had our signature - ready to rock. The venue was real cool this time. loads of greenery around wtih a pond neary by. We settled for the 1st round,,thanks to biscuit - i managed to get a peg of scotch,,the session started with loads of thankx to the organizers and to Subhash Chandra Bose - the legend who had come. There was a psoter for bid -which got sold to SCB at 10 K. And the customery helmet to Bra. ( lucky him) It started to drizzle wee bit but the crowd got berserk on the tunes,,in a moments - all of us were on the dance floor - pardying hard.
By 1ish - we were ready to head back - now the drive to our home was 5 kms - a few ghats in the dark, and to RTMC rules - drink n driving is a Lokesh was tully,,but he convinced me to ride to hotel. Anyways, we all reached safe - thanks to company of Scorpio. a few chit chat with RKMC guys, Biscuit, Sushesh and Doc. Plans were futher after the pardy to ride to Kasargod,Mangalore and back to base. Crashed by 2.
Day 2 ( Abbey Falls, Detour Countryside, Kakkabe-Coffe Country Resort )
Wow, what a night we had. i woke up with a perfect morning, mystic clouds, Coffee shrubs and mountains. Yes - i was in the "Scotland of India" . Amidst such a landscape - you wouldnt want to leave back,,spend some more time to get the fresh breeze.
Packed our bags and headed for Capital Village. Most of the Chennai gang left on Sunday for monday work and the rest who managed to get leave - headed for Kasargod. We were ready to take a Detour of Country side. Met the RTMC gang during lunch and a photo shoot to follow. Ooops, i missed the chota ride we had to "Abbey Falls" , Coorg has loads to see - get your vehicle or you will be handicapped. Falls were amazing - nice to have sushesh, Tiger, Hiren n Biscuit around.
After lunch, adieu to the gang n Ronan and ready to rock,,,,our journey further. Having Bhupi and Lokesh around - 1st time in Coorg - i was not sure where i was heading,either to Kutta or Kakkabe. But no bookings or any references,,,just ride on. some help from the hotel guy, we took the route - capital village-siddapur-virajpet to Kakka Be.
The 90 kms.detour was a bliss. You have to be there to beleive this,,in the ghats - the bike guzzled its way out on the Coffee Plantations,,,ven you talk of Coffee- its Coorg. It seemed that "Nature was at its best" ,,,my bike, clouds,Coffee, roads and a perfect weather. There was one moment - Siddapur to Virajpet - an 18km stretch,,,its rocking. I was zooming to madness, Bhupi. dancing on his bike and Lokesh busy enjoying the wild.
Wow - it was worth coming here. Also, i was anxious to visit the 2nd time - Coffee Country. We managed to get bookings - thanks courtesy - Sujoy.
We checked in the resort by 5ish amidst drizzle. Few cups of tea,,we were at an altitude where you could see the "Western Ghats" at its best.
The 3some travellers then went for a stoll to further up with Chandra.
We settled in the night with a few shots of Vodka and amazing food. Thanks to Chandra who managed to get Pork - as i had taken a vow only to belt on,,,i mean - if you are in this - try the best delicacy.

Day3 ( Trek to Thadayendamol, Madikeri, Kushalnagar)
We found a new company - Rohit from Madbulls. He was alone travelling after the 6A and looking out to venture. He joined us and planned to stay till Kushalnagar. After a heavy breakfast, it was time for trekking to "Thadayendamol" . This is one of the highest points in Krntaka. / Kerala --amazing trek - it requires atleast 4 hours. had to take our bikes to a certain distance where we would start our trek. I thought that Coffee Country is where the place to be - but i was trekking - again - Coorg has so much to offer. Lush green landscape and in the wild. not a single soul to be around --only Bhupi. and his funny jokes and his solo pics. the higher we climed - we felt we were in a blanket of mist. Visibility poor and us - catching for breath. Yes - its not the bulleet engine that we depend on but our engine - our strength to take to heights. It reminded me of the young days - ven i trekked in Leh. In 2 solid hours - we reached "Thadayendamol" the highest point and now in "Gods Own Country " . Yes - Bhupi said - now i am in Kerala.
This is the point where you could make calls and inform everyone at home. Loks. managed to get one more day leave. Photo shoot and some time in the wild,,we headed back. Downhill was a daunting task and Bhups.came up with the idea of bathing in the wild. We spotted a stream nearby - Bups. Loks. and Rohit were in the stream. i wasnt due to my back ache and i fear having Leaches sucking my blood out. a few eews and aaahsss, they were out f the water - bathing in freeze cold water can catch ur lungs,,,,
Settling the bills,,tea - we zoomed off to Madikeri. Rohit took us from a diff. route...a shorter one that we had taken - 90 kms to 21,,,,jaaali and loks. were looking at me for a while. We were now - heading to Kushal nagar - the tibetan refugee camp. got some ghats downhill and belted the engines out for some smooth roads.
The total distance was 60 kms. we reached Sera Jey Monastery by 6 PM. Checked in choeling center at dirt cheap price - i wouldnt think of getting a double room of Rs.250 per day. Got some time to see the prayers and few learning from the Monks.
It was dark now -so we headed for the guest house.
Morning - Rohit had left since he had a long way back to Chennai.

Day 4 - Bylakuppe - Bangalore
Rohit left in the wee hours after a short visit to the Monastery. We followed suit and visited the main Monastery,,its amazing to see so many Monks in India - its one the largest settlements / refugge camps after Dhramshala. It was a small Tibet.I was more interested seeing the paintings and the gold statue of "The Buddha" . Loks and Bhups. did heavy shopping. I managed to get momos and thuppa. Its Yum. We were ready to leave for Bangalore since we wanted to hit base before dark.
Enroute - some autos came by and in disguise - we founda girl screaming - aage police hain. i wondered what was that for. Thanks to ghe girl,,,yes - we had the RTO waiting to empty our pockets. 3 travellers - Karnataka, delhi and J&K number plates. I still havnt paid road tax --so i was bound to get heavy duty,,,we escaped those rascals and took a local longer trip to the highway. All scared - we enquired at regular intervals for cops.but none in vain. We were on the highway back home. We reached B.lore by 7ish.
Rajiv's Comments.
I would like to thank Bhupi.Ronan and Lokesh on this ride. Bhups.- you rock and having you around - i could get do the wackiest things on bike that i would never dreamt. Driving in shots and barefoot in Coorg was crazy.
Loks. - had i not jumped the gate,,i would not have you here,,this ride will be memorable.
Ronan - bhai ,,we will ride further.
Travellers Comments : I would call a perfect getaway to Coorg.My view of the "Western Ghats" has lelt me baffled and i would long to travel more inspite of extensive trekking in Sakleshpur, Chickmaglur and 2 times visit to Coorg.
Total distance covered : apprx. 850 kms.
Visits : Mysore.Madiker.Siddapur.Virajpet.Kakkabe, Abbey Falls & Kushal Nagar.
Coffee Country : 0827 2238635,2238330
Palace Road, Kakka-Be.Kodagu
Sera Jey Monastic University Guest House. Bylakuppe.
Bon Voyage.

Rajiv (Jispa)