Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sunfeast Marathon-Open 10k-Bangalore

Sunfeast Marathon-Bangalore-Open 10 K>This is one the mega events that any runner would look forward too. Not far behind are Cycling, Spa’s, Meditation Centers and Unisex Salons – all trying to catch the mega bucks from Bangaloreans. Well, Sunfeast had done enough homework – as they had organized the same last year on 21st May. This time – it looked really like an organized event with loads of Corporate Sponsors, thousands of participants and NGO’s running for a cause.
Preparation>Running a 10K event is no joke. A human has the endurance to run or walk the entire 10k without any practice but no one can guarantee what happens after that ,,,,,I started my preparations 15days so that I could get used to running for longs hours and able to manage the pain in the muscles. I used to leave office early to head home for a quick 1 ½ hr session of Cycling and running. I had stopped Swimming – thanks to the Summer Vacation where all the morning batches – were jam packed,,I avoided to swim and focus more on running.
In the Gym>Running on the tread mill was fun. Having a good incline on 3 n running really helped to tone up the muscles for endurance. On an average – I ran on the treadmill for 30mnts-covering a distance of 4kms. Again- Followed by a 15 minute workout on cycling. I had a target to cycle for 15mnts. and burn 200 calories.On a normal day – by the time this routine exercise was over – I really felt the body and muscles were getting toned up for the mega event.
The Trials>I did not want to focus more on the treadmill as the actual run was to happen on the outdoors. Me and Soma did a trial run on a Sunday (16th of May) to check our endurance and get the of feel of running on the road.Our house is located near Banerghatta Road – so we had ample space to run. We did a 3km run followed by a 45 minute walk to an unknown area. By the time – we got to the hill – the view was spectacular. Standing amidst a superb landscape with fresh air buzzing by,,,
Bangalore Sunfeast Marathon-10k (23rd May-2010)>I was at the Kanteerva Stadium by 8:05. A few snaps in the stadium and checking out the big crowd – I felt – the day had come – the D Day. Runners did not even spare a minute – and saw most of them – jumping the fence to start early. I did not wait too – me and Gaurav sneak out of one of the mesh and started running,,,,,,,,Ganesh (the superstar) was at the venue to flag off the ceremony. Within a few seconds -I was out of the stadium – running alone with other participants. The initial 3 kms was a killer as it seemed i was stuck in a traffic jam. I had to hip hop here n there to pave my way out for a run. After that - it was pretty smooth. As i had done a few practices earliar - i kept a target to run without a break upto 6 kms - which i did. The turn near Commercial Street was a killer. A whole U turn - and an uphill task. That's where - you get to see the real endurance of running. Sunfeast had done an excellent job on the organization part. Banners were installed every 2/3 kms with loads of stands for Drinking water and glucose.The 8th km was where i managed to get some more spirits.Here, i met some RTMCians who helping the media recording the entire Marathon. (Arun,Vishu,Vijay and Heroin). I was totally exhausted by the end, sweating it all out. The last leg - 10km mark was a relief. I tried to do a sprint to get a better timing but couldn't. I was then at my regular pace and completed the Marathon. Hurrah - Finally done it.