Monday, October 18, 2010

Swim for Life-Project 5 -Toastmasters


“The only way to discover the limits of the possible is to go beyond into the impossible”

Introduction: I am taking this opportunity to speak as the Commonwealth has just started.

Recall, what was the mega event in the Beijing Olympics and who won the most medals? Michael Phelps – more than 7 gold medals. Why most Swimmers are more popular than any other sport – give it a thought.

We do not know who will be the hero in Aquatics this time in Commonwealth – but I am sure – I will be a hero for now as I am giving a training session on Aquatics connected to Project 5.

You will be dazzled to know that I learnt swimming from You tube. It took me almost 6 months to learn swimming. But I continued from there on and never stop.

It’s simple – just to remember – the 1st day you rode a bycycle. You just hop on to it and ride – there is no technique nor book to tell – how to balance. In similar ways – swimming is just jumping into the water and learn by your self.

But if you really want to master the art – I will help you to learn the basics style in swimming.

Swimming Styles
• Freestyle : one of most common of all styles in Swimming. Easiest and quicker to learn. Focus on action of hands and flip your legs.

• Breathstroke : think of Frog – how it swims. Just do exactly like that.

• Backstroke : its similar like the Freestyle but the only thing here is – you have to swim with your back. Your head should be up – look towards the sky.

• Butterfly (fly) – called the fly. Here, you use your butts as a propulsion to move forward and the hands as a butterfly to pull your body.


• Moves all parts of the body without any strain

• Helps to combat psychological disorders of depression, loneliness and loss of confidence

• It benefits the heart, muscles, lungs, joints and mind.


• After Swimming, you are as hungry as a Dog . You can eat whatever comes your way – but will have to control.


• More than 10 swimming pools in Bangalore

• Public Swimming Pools – 6 Best – Baswangudi, Vijaynagar and Jayanagar.

• Cost is Rs-16, price has not increased since last 7 years (until I was here)

• For Men – 9 slots,,,Ladies – 3

• All swimming pools are in a radius of 10 kms .

• Karnataka Swimming Association promotes new talents and gives membership

• One of best states in India to have the best infrastructure for Swimming

• Hot bed for some of the National / International Swimmers – Rehan Poncha, Nisha Millet


• Lot of local people access to swimming pool – unhygienic

• Find the best time to swim

• TV on weekends , window shopping

As now, in this small session – I have given you the SWOT analysis of Swimming, the swimming styles and story – how it changed my life.

Nothing comes free in today’s world – not even advice. You have to pay for it. Well out here – the Toastmasters has given me ample space to give advice.

Rest it all depends on you – grab this opportunity and take the advantage.