Thursday, June 23, 2011

Maner Sweets-Bihta

How did the idea come up
The idea to open a new outlet in Bihta was started by my father – Late Suresh Prasad Gupta. After a new road built from Bihta Chowk to Khagaul – the distance for travelers was now much shorter what was earlier. One had to travel all the way via Maner and Danapur Cant to reach Patna. After the new road built by the National Highway authorities – travelers can enjoy driving on this new stretch to reach Patna.

As Maner Sweets-Maner – our strategy was only travelers who would stop to take a break for snacks and sweets and head on further to their destination. Sales started to slump with only a few customers (travelers) visiting Maner. Most of the travelers preferred using the new road towards Patna.

My father was in a rush to buy land in Bihta – but when he finally decided to buy one – the land rates in Bihta were sky rocketing – land prices right now are almost similar to Bangalore and New Delhi commercial properties.
Added more to that, development was on a rise with NDRF, ESIC, Bharat Petroleum & Apollo Hospital setting up new ventures in business in Bihta. It is estimated that Rs. 2000 crore is to be invested in Bihta (5 years) and had been declared by the government as an “Industrial Park”.

With my father’s hope to start a new outlet in Bihta – land prices were too high to invest. Unfortunately, my father met with an accident after he fell from a staircase while attending a wedding in Kanpur. We lost him on 03rd January, 2011.

New Gen Entrepreneurs.
Fortunately, all family members have got some sort of training in the sweet business. I remember while I was working in New Delhi & Bangalore – I had to rush every Diwali to help in the family business.

Manish Kumar Gupta : A Symbiosis Mass Communication graduate from Pune. Has worked with Star TV Mumbai for 2 years. Thinking of aiming big – quit the Mumbai life and started to work in the family business.

Rajiv Kumar – ahh- that’s me.
Worked in American Express(New Delhi) and then shifted to Bangalore. Worked for 6 years in Bangalore with Oracle and Logica. With 8 years of Corporate experience – it was time to venture on something new.
Added to this – finished my executive MBA from NMIMS –Bangalore,,,there was nothing stopping to be an entrepreneur.  
It took us almost 6/7 months to work on the logistics, paper work, interiors, hiring staff & finances.
Fortunately, my MBA project was based on this new venture – Bihta.
We finally decided to open on April 18th, 2011.
View - at the entrance

What we offer
The new outlet boasts ample space for Customers and travelers who can sit, relax and enjoy their delicacies. Above all, washrooms are one of the best in town. There is a wide variety of sweets ranging from Kaju, Chena, Khoya and Laddoo's.