Sunday, December 16, 2007

Swim for Life

Having suffered a Lumbar Slip Disc as what my doctors say and a "No No " to biking, i gave it a thought on what my passion is all about.
Well the doctors didnt say that i had to stop "Biking" ,,but to make the backbone strong - the Vertebral column needs to improve,,,i had to Swim which would help to tone up the body and make my bones strong.

Trials :
I had been swimming in Delhi for a while but at the initials - i barely could make it to one round-50m . Being a beginner - doing the breath of the Pool was a daunting task. I started to swim on weekends in the "NGV" pool in Koramangala,,but soon found out that the Chlorine level was too high and most of times - the water was murky. After 2 months, i found that i had improved on my speed and the size of the NGV Pool was too small.
After 3 years in Bangalore - i came to know that the State had one of the best swimming pools,,one being in "Jayanagar". Infact - Karnataka is the only state to have 5 pools in a city.

The Start.
I think the Jaynagar swimming brought good luck to my health. When i started swimming,,i didnt have an idea what different styles u had at swimming. Within 2 days - i got my hands on the Freestyle..As time passed by,,i managed to do breath of the Pool. The Pool is very clean - crystal clear water, chloring is checked at every hour and you have Life guards to check you,,and above all - you pay a mere Rs.16 for an hour.
In a months time - i could say to myself,,yes - i was practising for that alloted 45mnts. i had.
And above all - improving on my health and back.
Benoy - a lifeguard and Coach found me a regular member to the pool not missing the 1:30 batch.
Thanks to him - who had given me few tips to improvise on the style n action on Freestyle strokes.I improved on the way i was swimming and now i came to know that i could do the entire 50 mts in 1 stretch.

2 months ago - Benoy approached me with a Brochure of the "Karnataka Swimming Association" South Zone Masters Champioship 2008. Well,,that was it,,i had to take part in this big mega event which i never thought of,,,
I did practise - 45mnts. everyday doing the length of the Pool. In all - making 20 rounds - 1000mts. per day without smoking n drinking on the weekends. I had to store all my energy for the big event counting on the calories i eat,,,juices,,,light meal and dates.
It was a tuff time when i found my frnd pardying on the weekends and me - being left out.

The Big Day
22nd March - Holi .
When one things of Holi - its Bhang. I had to avoid it ofcourse and no drinks.
It was not a moment seeing all my freinds playing with Colors.

200 Mts Freestyle : Eight Swimmers and 3 medals to be won. It was a close competition. What made things worse was the 25 Mt. Pool in Basvangudi. In Jayanagar - its a 50 mt. So doing a 200 mt. means - taking 4 laps but here - it was 8 laps. I was not used to flipping over for the next lap and was conscious. Instead you had to put in more energy in the beginning of the lap to get more pace.I had no option but to overcome the task,,,,,
I lost a few seconds on the lap changing and thats what made diff. on my timings. i missed it by a whisker .5 secs for the Gold.
The competition was tuff and i could see my coach yeling at me when i had to go for the next lap.
Medal : Silver
Timing : 4 mint. 14:08 secs.

100 Mts Freestyle : I had good competetion in this event. Benoy - my coach from Jayanagar, his freind - Shaji was taking part in this event. Shaji is member of the Kerala Team and i knew he would win. Exhausted in the 200 mt. event, i thought i would not make it on this event. I did not loose hope and gave it my best shot.Just keep on swimming and maintain a regular pace. I did a good dive which did give me a good pace. As i touch the finishing line, i found that i had come second.
Medal : Bronze
Timing : 1 mint. 43:86 secs.

4*100 Mts Medley
It was the last event and every one was waiting for this moment. We had teams from Kerala, AP and 4 teams from Karnataka. I was not hoping that our team would win,,,,i am not good at short distance - 50 mts. and back stroke was not my option on the medley. i preferred freestyle. was the last to do the freestyle on medley,,,my focus was on my colleagues finishing line so that i could go next,,and me going at the end,,was much more difficult since the event depends on the last person. We managed to come 3rd and was happy with the score.
Medal : Bronze
Timing : 3 mint. 06:66 secs.

You feel proud at the end when you have 3 medals and someone honoring you. Now - a member of the Karnataka Swimming Association, i do enjoy benefits and who knows,,where will i go,,,its an event where you come to know - your talent and you meet the best.
I owe my credit to Benoy - Coach for teaching n having patience. I will miss him as he has got a new Coach Job in Dubai.
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